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Garden and Landscape Design  
With my passion for design and plants I will  help you design any aspect of your landscape. From a vegetable garden, perennial border or stone terrace to your entire property, I can work with you to bring your thoughts to life.  My philosophy is not to impose my will and desires on you and your property, but to bring sound, creative ideas and usable materials based upon my understanding of your needs, property use, style, and personality.  The process starts with a meeting to review your property and listen to your needs and desires.  Design deliverables are based upon your needs and could be full drawings or plant lists and in-garden layouts.  I will assist you in finding the right contractors and make sure you understand the installation process and see you through to completion.  Then, I will ensure you have the knowledge and support to maintain your landscape to its intended design.  By discussing maintenance and special conditions during the design process, there are no surprises at the end.

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Garden Consultation and Coaching
Some people want to spend time working in their gardens but need a greater understanding of their plants and proper practices.  I find many people are intimidated by their gardens and plants and need guidance and coaching to have the confidence to effectively work in their gardens.  This service can include:  working with clients in their gardens, discussing design concepts, developing a plant inventory, explaining/overseeing other garden contractor services and their value (arborist, IPM, lawn care, irrigation, etc.), hands on pruning, developing proper and garden specific maintenance practices, developing a maintenance calendar, soil testing and management, and any other garden and hardscape issues.

Ornamental Pruning and Instruction
Aesthetic and functional pruning of your valuable ornamental plants.  Your valuable ornamental trees and shrubs require more than casual or mechanical maintenance to achieve their true potential.  Let me perform this valuable service or show you the important techniques.  Often times winter is the best time to prune deciduous ornamental trees.  For many other important structural and flowering plants, proper timing is critical for their success and greatest potential.  If you want to perform this work, I can help develop a calendar and protocols for successful pruning.

Container Planting
Design and plant containers for 4-Season interest that meet the design criteria we develop together.  Bloomers, Architectural, Monochromatic, Textural, Succulant or all of the above.  Determine best placement of containers for effect and help purchase containers for specific needs.  This is one of the truly fun and expressive parts of gardening, and I would love to help make your containers show beautifully.

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