Friday, March 28, 2014

I Declare Today The Ugliest Day Of The Year!

This snow pile is over 30 feet tall with every imaginable
piece of trash.  The line that separates the light from the
dark makes it appear like a glacier.  ©2014BDG
While at the mall today I saw the piles of snow from the winter, and they opened my eyes and mind to this time of year when everything looks so bleak and dirty.  As these mountains of snow melt, the concentration of dirt, sand, trash and other miscellaneous items is so concentrated as to obscure what is actually hiding beneath.

These ugly piles are 30-40 feet high and you wonder if they will ever melt and let us move on to spring.

The peak in the background is over 40 feet tall.  This part is so dark
 it looks like soil.  ©2014BDG

With Spring almost a month behind last year the interminable winter seems to not want to let go.

The garden looks so sad with little growth as the snow just receded
over the last weeks.  ©2014BDG

It has been a hard few months and with winter not ready to give way to spring we cannot enjoy much of what is happening outside.  However the are a few glimmers of hope that the renewal of spring is coming.

"Tommies" starting to break through and show their color. ©2014BDG

Hamamelis (Witch Hazel)  flowering over a month later than last year.


  1. Reid, Spring is very late to arrive in both my gardens this year. Your piles of dirty snow reminded me that when I went home to Maine in late April of 2011 (another year with lots of snow and a late spring), I was puzzled by a one-foot tall dirt berm that seemed to have somehow been left along the side of the driveway by the snow plow -- until I scraped its surface with a shovel and discovered that it was the dirty remains of a not-yet-melted snowbank! I keep telling myself that spring will arrive eventually. -Jean

  2. What a hideous pile of snirt (snow + dirt)! You may find a few bodies at the bottom.

  3. This post cracked me and I've put you in my Blogger Spotlight. :o)