Friday, September 13, 2013

Madeleine Lord: More Art Created From Junk Metal!

Ballerina with fan blade cover for dress, gives
 the illusion of movement.  ©2013 BDG
This past week I visited Madeleine Lord, of Madeleine Lord Metal Art, to see what was growing in her driveway.  Madeleine is a very talented artist here in Winchester, who in recent years has focussed her artistic talents on creating art and sculptures out of recycled junk metal.  For more background on her and her process you can read my post from last year.

I called her to see if she had any interesting projects, as she collects her metal in piles and creates her work on her long driveway.  Little did I know that she was in the final stages of creating a 10' tall Giraffe for display at a sculpture walk.

The Giraffe was transported the next day to a sculpture walk and apple event that will be held at the Old Frog Pond Farm, 38 Eldridge Road Harvard MA (near 495, RTE 111) from 1-5pm Sunday on September 15th. Madeleine and her co-creator, Bob Hesse, will be there.

Along with the massive Giraffe, she has many smaller, new sculptures from 2' to 6' high, all of which are for sale.  What I love most about her work is what she sees in an individual piece of metal, and from that comes the final sculpture.  There is a bent, silver fan blade cover that she uses as a swirling dress for a ballerina.  An old forged pitchfork, with a little bending becomes the wings of an angel.  An odd metal piece with a flange becomes the head and hat for 'Mr Bojangles'.  One of the neatest and most subtle, a dented and twisted piece of square metal reveals a face with eyes, nose and mouth from a certain angle.
Some assorted flowers.  ©2013 BDG

All of these pieces of metal we would overlook, but she sees something and when it is put in place the pieces make absolute sense.  You don't see the the individual pieces of scrap metal as the sculpture comes to life, you see the intended form appear before you.  Its almost like crossing your eyes to see hidden images in those geometric pictures.  If you just lose focus a little, the sculpture comes to life and often just one or two pieces of the sculpture carry it.  Then when you see it and look at the individual elements you are surprised to see all the little scraps and odd castaways that have been used.

I hope you enjoy these images, as they really don't do justice to seeing them in full dimension.  These sculptures are mean't to be kept outside and in the garden and can add a wonderful element for year round interest.  To see Madeleine's images of some recent creations, click HERE.

Mr Bojangles.  ©2013 BDG
Angel with pitchfork wings. ©2013 BDG
Mom with baby. ©2013 BDG
Giraffe being supported.  ©2013 BDG
Pipe holders on neck form the mane. ©2013 BDG
Can you see the face in this simple piece of metal.  ©2013 BDG
The Juggler.  ©2013 BDG
Man and Woman (with anatomical parts). ©2013 BDG

Amazing how the bent piece of metal forms
the praying hands. ©2013 BDG

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