Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring, And Life, Goes On In Boston.

Young boy having a swing at Wright-Locke Farm
This morning as I finished my weekly posting, I realized how unimportant my words on mulch and organic amendments  would be this week, but, like most Bostonians, I was not going to stop or alter my work because of a few misguided and soulless individuals. 

On Tuesday, my wife was on the MIT campus interviewing for a job and we live only a few towns over from Watertown, but we will not live in fear of these cowards while we grieve for those affected by this tragedy.  

Dennis Lehane, the well-known author and an authentic voice for this city wrote a poignant Op-Ed in the New York Times:  Messing with the Wrong City.  Lehane and others were on NPR this week and the following links to the program:  Lehane interview on NPR

Instead, I want to focus on the beautiful spring that is unfurling this week.  Just yesterday I was at a children's vacation camp at Wright-Locke Farm, to write a story and take photos for our local paper.  These young children spent a week on the farm doing chores, exploring and enjoying time on our beautiful suburban working farm.  The photo above is of a young boy on a swing that hangs from the rafters of the nearly 200 year old barn.  Despite all that is going on, the innocence of our children is intact.

This morning I visited a neighbor who has a stunning and ancient Weeping Cherry Tree in his front yard.  For years I have marveled at its size and grace.  It has been through a lot in recent years with the Winter Moth and drought.  In talking with the neighbor, he revealed it was knocked over during a hurricane in the '50s, but the neighbors came out and pushed it back up in place.  It stands 50 feet tall and maybe 70 feet wide and has endured insects, disease and many storms.  I love how this represents the character of Bostonians this week.

God has given us one of the most beautiful spring weeks and I choose to be grateful for this and not to give in to anger and fear.


  1. Live in the moment, enjoy everything around you and find happiness in the simplest of pleasures. Nothing comes close to a weeping cherry in full bloom!

  2. That weeping cherry tree is breathtaking.

    1. It is an now all the magnolias are in perfect bloom with no frost coming.

  3. Terrorists seem to forget how resilient we are. How amazing that the cherry tree continued to thrive even after being knocked down, a bit like Bostonians. :o)

  4. Beautifully photographed and beautifully said, Reed. Sydney, Australia celebrates Boston's spring and spirit.

  5. I visited Grelen. If it hadn't been for your post, I never would have known it existed! :o)