Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Forks, Maine - Humble in its Presence.

A holiday weekend trip to The Forks, Maine, provided a wonderful respite from the orderly grid of suburban gardens.  Roughly 30 miles from the Canadian border in the Northern Appalachians, this place is smack in the 'middle of nowhere' as referred to in the old Far Side cartoons.  We spent a day rafting on the Kennebec River through naturally formed gorges spotting several raptors including one mature Bald Eagle.

In gardens and landscapes, sometimes the objective is to achieve a natural aesthetic, but no designed landscape can compare to that of nature.  On our second day we hiked in to  Moxie Falls, one of the largest and most rugged waterfalls in New England.  To see how millions of years of moving water has carved out a series of stepped falls, pools and a 90' waterfall is humbling and puts into perspective how brief our stay and impact will be on this planet.  Please excuse the fact that I did not have my real camera with me.

90' Moxie Falls

Stepped falls and pools above falls

Fallen trees providing food for next generation

Over the falls and down into the gorge

Pebbles and rocks in a shallow pool


  1. Just coming back from a Maine vacation myself, I know what a beautiful place it is. It looks like you visited a very scenic spot too. Living in Niagara Falls, I see the water like you have shown so often, I tend to feel more excited when I see it somewhere else. Your bulb post below, I grow so many of the varieties you listed. You have some good selections posted.

  2. Good to connect via Blotanical!
    Maine is a favorite destination, so very beautiful, and superb in summertime.
    So many good friends have moved 'East' but I can't travel there as often as I'd like to.

    aka Bay Area Tendrils