Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Don't give up on the garden yet!

With a little work to clean things up in the garden, there is still plenty of color and wildlife to enjoy.   With the acute drought we had in July, it may seem as though fall is coming early.  Stressed trees are dropping some leaves and some plants look like they are toast for the season.  Don't give up yet, spend some time cleaning things up and you will be rewarded over the next two months.

If you do have trees dropping some leaves early, get a hose or soaker hose on them to make sure they are very well hydrated as we head into the fall.  Don't ignore even your largest trees.  You can't always rely on fall rains to give enough moisture to the deep roots systems.  If you have some special ornamental trees or even large evergreens, give them a check and give them a deep watering going into fall.

Here are some photos of what's happening in my space:

A Checkered White male butterfly enjoying the Nasturtium flowers

I believe this is a Zabulon Skipper butterfly

Many of these Zabulons are all over the Verbena

One of many beautiful late-season sedums

Don't worry about all the bees that Sedums attract, most are
honey bees and they won't bother or sting anyone.

Caryopteris "Snow Fairy" just starting to show its blue/purple
flowers over variegated foliage

Kirengeshoma palmata- yellow wax bells is a favorite in deep shade
with late season yellow flowers.

Geranium "Rozanne"  a work horse in the front of the border
until frost.

Lobelia cardinalis - Cardinal flower giving a few last flowers after
being cut back last month.

Verbena bonariensis - A favorite to grow from seed for their big
arching branches of pale purple flower from late-Summer on.

Verbena is an insect and hummingbird magnet and will re-seed easily

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  1. Love that sedum! This has also been a big year for skippers in my garden.