Monday, July 2, 2012

Images for the Week

Some hot and some cool images from the gardens today.  First, and most interesting is the Castor Bean plant(left), Ricinus 'Carmencita', which, despite being completely poisonous (dogs, cats, kids, etc),  is a nice, fast growing annual shrub here, with these outrageous flower/seed pods.

On the right is the native Hydrangea arborescens 'Incrediball' cultivar.  Like the species, it flowers on new wood, meaning it is a reliable flowering hydrangea in the Boston area up to New Hampshire and at least zone 4a.  That is my big hand in the image...the flower is as big as a chicken!!!

A couple of sweet petunia flowers from hanging baskets.  

They are old school, but they do come in so many wonderful and interesting colors and patterns, it is hard to keep from putting one or two in for some solid all season color.

Gerber Daisies (left) come in so many wonderful colors and are excellent for cutting.  You will always be invited back to parties and cookouts if you bring along some of these.  Lantana(right), a heat/sun-loving annual in Boston is a fantastic container addition.

Monarda 'Jacob Cline' in full bloom. As in a previous post, this is one of my favorite summer perennials.  A little deadheading (5 minutes every couple of days) will ensure repeat blooming lower on the plant and give a long bloom time..

The heat has finally brought on the daylillies, while in masses they show the bast, individually they are such elegant flowers.

The heat has also kicked the herbs into full gear with my Nasturtium flowers and leaves being welcome additions to my salads and sandwiches.  The peppery/horseradishy flavor really adds some punch.

Enjoy your summer!


  1. I love the Incrediball hydrangea! I have its cousin Annabelle and am thinking to add Incrediball for its pink color, though in your photo it looks more white. I also really like your nasturtiums. I need to add some of those around my veggie garden!

    P.S. Thanks so much for visiting my own blog, and welcome to Blotanical!

  2. I too like the Monarda, Jacob Cline. Great for hummingbirds.